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Brian Hawkins
Owner & CEO

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, Brian began his career researching computer graphics and animation for Justsystem Pittsburgh Research Center, a former research lab of Justsystem. Upon meeting Ian Lane Davis, now owner of Mad Doc Software, he would eventually leave to join the Star Trek: Armada team at Activision. After finishing Star Trek: Armada and contributing to Civilization: Call To Power and Call To Power 2, he moved on to become lead programmer for a remake of the classic Defender, published by Midway, at Seven Studios. From there, he began consulting with JAMDAT Mobile which would eventually result in the founding of Soma, Inc.

In addition to his work as a programmer and company owner, Brian also writes articles and books in an effort to contribute to the programming community. His first book, Preventative Programming Techniques published by Charles River Media, offers advice on avoiding common programming problems. With his second book, Real-Time Cinematography for Games, also published by Charles River Media, he has combined his deep interest in film with his passion for games.

Debra Hawkins
President & CFO

Kim Lay
Technical Director

Kim graduated from Stanford University in 1999 with a degree in Computer Science and a head full of new-fangled ideas on her three great passions: networking, artificial intelligence, and computer graphics. She joined MarchFIRST, an e-commerce startup that offered her the opportunity to gain networking and some computer graphics experience working on high-profile multi-million dollar projects.

However, giving in to her desire for more experience in artificial intelligence and computer graphics, Kim left MarchFIRST and joined Seven Studios, where she worked on Defender and met the other members of what was to become the core of Soma, Inc. She now gets to work on not one, not two, but all three of her great passions.

Ivanna Kartarahardja
Senior Programmer

Ivanna came to the United States from Indonesia to attend college at Azusa Pacific University. After graduating summa cum laude at 19, she decided to follow her interest in games and anime by joining Seven Studios to work on Defender. After also working briefly on Fantastic Four, she left to join Soma, Inc. She is also a firm believer in giving back to the world community through organizations such as UNICEF.

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